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Fibre optic connectivity for Germany

More gigabit in cities and the countryside.

We are advancing Germany's fibre optic expansion.

DB broadband GmbH

With available capacities in Deutsche Bahn fibre optic network, we are helping Germany to achieve a fast and resource-saving fibre-optic expansion.

As a sales company, we focus entirely on our customers and ensure easy access to DB's fibre optic infrastructure.

Around 22,000 km of optical fibre with a unique route.

Glasfasernetz 20.000 km

Our network stretches along the railway tracks and thus also partly through regions that have so far been underserved or even unserved. These and many other regions can be easily and efficiently developed with us. For this we have an optimal dark fibre offer ready.

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Fibre optic cables wherever there are rails.

We will continue to expand our fibre  optic network by 2026/2027. The goal is to connect the entire rail network of 33,400 km with fibre optics. The upcpmingfree capacities can already be reserved now.

Our customers come from the segments:

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Fast, easy and personal - DB broadband.

As a startup in a large corporation, we live speed and flexibility.  We take advantage of this for our customers. Our goal is to provide access to the DB fibre optic network in the best way possible. The entire DB Group with its diverse services supports us. Together, we provide outstanding services that are really needed for fibre-optic expansion.

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