Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber

Around 22,000 km along the rail tracks.

Our Dark Fibre offer: free fibre optic capacities in our unique network for rent.

This provides dark, interconnected and pairwise fibre optic connections between two handover points.

There are many ways to connect to the DB network.


For the direct exit we offer different handover options:


Further details about our Dark Fibre can be downloaded here:

How we bring our customers to the DB network

We start with the inquiry

Simply let us know the start and end points of your desired route along the rail, then we will check the availability. If we can offer you free capacities, you will receive a non-binding offer from us.

Then it goes into the realization

Once the contract has been signed, we start the realization process. For do so, we create a handover point at the DB property line at the start and end point of your desired route. The respective handover point is builtaccording to your needs.

At the end follows the operation

After the successful implementation of the handover points, the Dark Fibre will be available to you on the leased section for your needs. While you continue to expand your network starting from the handover points, we ensure trouble-free availability of your Dark Fibre route along the rails.

Our fibre optics stand for high availability.

  • ≥ 99,5 % availability of each fibre pair per operating year

  • 365 days 24/7 fault reporting

  • max. 60 minutes response time after a fault is reported

  • ≤ 24 hours mean time to repair

The possible use cases with our Dark Fibre are manifold. 

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