Hand in hand with our partners.

As a partner, we supply Germany with fibre optics.

Since DB broadband was founded in November 2019, we have already concluded numerous partnerships and successfully implemented a wide range of projects. Below we have put together a small selection that illustrates where and how we have already been able to provide more gigabit in the country.

66 km of Dark Fibre to connect and supply three bavarian counties

The Coburg telecommunications provider SÜC dacor supplies the counties of Coburg, Lichtenfels and Kronach with DB's fibre optic infrastructure. For this purpose, the company leases around 66 km of fibre optic cable, which runs along the rail tracks of the three counties, from us.

Get more information’s about the project: SÜC dacor

In its own videothe company shows the added value of better networking, for example for district offices and the region.

55 km Dark Fibre for the region between Kiel and Schleswig.

TNG Stadtnetz GmbH provides municipalities in Schleswig-Holstein with fast Internet and also uses DB's fibre optic infrastructure. Thus, our partner is leasing 55 km of fibre optic cable on the route between Kiel and Schleswig to supply the surrounding region along the route.

Get more information´s about the project: TNG

58 km of Dark Fibre for connecting 1,500 households.

The telecommunications provider bisping & bisping relies on DB's fibre optic infrastructure for the expansion in the area of the municipality of Gangkofen in the Rottal-Inn district. Since 2021, the company has been leasing around 58 km of Dark Fibre from us along the railway from Soyen to Hörbering. From Hörbering, the company expanded the last few kilometers to Gangkofen it self, connecting 1,500 households to the new fibre optic infrastructure. With the use of the DB infrastructure, the company saved a considerable part of the expansion, The project, which was planned for more than two years, was successfully completed in just one and a half years. The use of the existing infrastructure thus saved significantly costs and time. Incidentally, the connection from rail to the new network to Gangkofen took place within only eight weeks.

Get more information´s about the project: bisping & bisping

66.2 km of Dark Fibre to power 40 educational institutions and 350 other buildings.

For its own broadband network in parts of Cottbus, the telecommunications provider DNS:NET also uses the fibre optic network of Deutsche Bahn. The goal is to close their own gaps quickly and cost-efficiently in order to be able to provide 40 educational institutions and 350 other buildings in the city of Cottbus with fast internet. Specifically, the company leases 66.2 km of fibre optic cables (dark fibre) on the route between the Brandenburg town of Halbe and Cottbus.

Get more information´s about the project: DNS:NET

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