DB broadband supports TK-Telekom in network expansion in Europe.

Article: DB broadband supports TK-Telekom in network expansion in Europe.

On the route from Frankfurt (Oder) to Berlin, DB broadband leases a 96 km dark fiber optic cable to the Polish telecommunications provider TK-Telekom.

DB's optical fibers are used to connect TK-Telekom in Poland with a data center in Berlin.

With Berlin-based fiber-optic provider Cito Networks as a regional partner, DB broadband is running the cable from the Polish border to a data center in the heart of Berlin. From a strategic interconnection point on railroad property, Cito Networks carries the connection all the way to the data center.

Cito Networks is a Berlin-based fiber-optic provider that in mid-2019 will replace the 2001 FiberPlan's empty conduit system, which was completed in mid-2019, and has since been continuously expanded the infrastructure with a high-performance fiber optic network.

DB has numerous such interconnection points, which network operators use to build end-to-end fiber-optic infrastructures throughout Europe.

DB broadband was able to implement this European project within just 3 months thanks to close cooperation with both partners. A great success for all involved.

Dr. Christian Humpert, CEO of DB broadband: "The project with TK-Telekom and Cito Networks is special for us. Working together, we have proven that we can also implement data center connections and support fiber rollout even beyond Germany's borders."

Krzysztof Szydłowski, Director Wholesale of Netia Group: "We are pleased to cooperate with DB broadband and will continue to work together in the future on the creation of new projects that will bring numerous benefits to both sides as well as contribute to the further development of modern telecommunications services throughout Europe."

TK Telekom is a Netia Group company specializing in ICT services for the transport and logistics industry. Until 2015, the company belonged to the PKP Group, which operates the infrastructure of the Polish railroads.

Netia is the operator of the second largest state-of-the-art redundant broadband network in Poland, with a length of around 50,000 km. It connects 23,000 km of metropolitan networks in over 100 of Poland's largest cities and provides multiple international connections. Netia's network is available to more than 800 large A-class office buildings, from Frankfurt to every city in Poland. Netia data transmission services ensure capacity from 2 Mbps to 100 Gbps and multiplex transmission speeds.